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Large Electronics Rescue Pouch

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Peace of mind in a pouch!

Water can destroy portable electronic devices and ruin your day. Many of us have learned the hard way that the "bowl of rice" method is not reliable. The Solution? Absorbits™ Electronics Rescue Pouch restores your wet devices and keep them working by wicking away moisture in as little as 4 hours. Engineered with Absorbits™ moisture-removal material, these Electronic Rescue Pouches are guaranteed for life and designed for repeat use.

  • Keep your electronics safe and dry after exposure to moisture - water, rain, sweat, dew, or humidity
  • Ideal for cell phones, AirPods/headphones. key fobs, hearing aids, wearables, tablets etc.
  • Engineered with  Absorbits™ moisture-removal material (encapsulated desiccant in moisture-wicking nylon)
  • No battery or Electricity needed
  • Crafted from durable nylon
  • Reusable; can be used multiple times
  • After use, simply dry with sun or hair dryer or clothes
    dryer on lowest setting
  • Padded pouch also provides extra protection
  • Handy storage solution for outdoor adventures